Small Adjustments Make a Big Impact: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Reaching the needs of all learners is a challenge all educators strive to meet every day. Small adjustments can revolutionize the way your classroom functions and meet learners at their level of learning. Through this course you will incorporate universal accommodations, build on your understanding of the importance of relationships, and design social/emotional lessons to meet the needs of all learners within your classroom without having to create more time in your schedule. In fact, if implemented correctly and consistently, these accommodations and lessons will help your overall classroom management and free up more time for instruction. The beginning course module will expand on the importance of establishing connections. The second course module will delve comprehensively into the concept and importance of creating universal accommodations. The final course module will guide you in the design of social and emotional lessons to embed in your classroom instruction. This course will equip you with readily available tools and practices to better meet the needs of all learners in your classroom.