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Meeting ALL Students' Needs in Reading: Small Group Instruction and Conferences 2020

Do you have beginning AND advanced readers in your classroom? Are you looking for ways to meet all these readers’ needs? In this class, teachers will explore using small-group instruction to meet all students’ needs in reading. We will explore different instructional models including guided reading and strategy groups. Teachers will experiment with using a variety of data sources to create and change groups. We will also answer the question which is always on teachers’ minds: “What are the rest of the students’ doing?” Teachers will leave this class more equipped to meet a wide variety of students’ needs in reading instruction.

K-2 Math Workshop Make Over- Building Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency through Targeted Games-March 2020

Math Workshop (aka Math Stations or Math Centers) is a widely implemented learning structure in many K-2 classrooms. It can be a productive time for self directed, highly engaged learning. However, sometimes, it can feel too loose, too loud, too unstructured, and less productive than it could be.
In this course K-2 classroom teachers will deepen their understanding of how students learn math facts by exploring memorization and understanding; fluency and automaticity; and isolated facts and related facts. Teachers will analyze their current math workshop practice, identify areas for improvement, and make the revisions needed for a more productive math workshop. The focus will be on how math workshop time can efficiently support addition and subtraction fact fluency for students.
Through articles, video, and hands-on game playing, we will explore formative assessment, targeted practice, student autonomy, workshop structure, number talks, and the role of teacher. Teachers will leave the course with a bank of addition and subtraction games and either an update of their current math workshop or a completely new math.